Step 1

Set filter parameter
There are two ways to define the fold change threshold(s) for a single timepoint.

  • Log-fold change threshold can be defined by choosing from the dropdown menu. It is possible to search for ests with an expression value above, below or equal to this threshold.
  • Expression range query can be defined by a input of two log-numbers divided by one the range separators which are dash(-), comma (,), semicolon(;) or slash (/). Furthermore you need to define a pValue threshold (like 0.05). The default decimal separator is a point(.).

Commplex search queries can be performed by logical (AND), (OR) operators.


Step 2

Expression search result
The result is shown as a table in heat map style. The first two columns refer to estID and the assigned Transcript. The following columns refer to the foldchange and the pValue of the shown timepoint. Even a search for single time-points will result in an overview of all timepoints.