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Scientific Background

The newt Notopthalmus viridescens is the master of regeneration. This organism is known for more than 200 years for its exceptional regenerative capabilities. Newts can completely replace lost appendages like limb and tail, lens and retina and parts of the central nervous system. Moreover, after cardiac injury newts can rebuild the functional myocardium with no scar formation. To date only very limited information from public databases is available. Newt-Omics aims to provide a comprehensive platform of expressed genes during tissue regeneration, including extensive annotations, expression data and experimentally verified peptide sequences with yet no homology to other publically available gene sequences. The goal is to obtain a detailed understanding of the molecular processes underlying tissue regeneration in the newt,that may lead to the development of approaches, efficiently stimulating regenerative pathways in mammalians.

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Newt database check
  • Number of contigs: 26594
  • Number of est in contigs: 48537
  • Number of transcripts with verified peptide: 5291
  • Number of peptides: 15169